paris apartment

location: Paris – 8th arrondissement

building: renovation – rebuild

surface: 360 m2

interior design: Wetzels Brown Partners

photography: Nicolas Claris - Hans Fonk

delivery: 2011

“Wetzels Brown studio has acquired an international reputation as interior specialists in the field of private jets and luxury yachts. Here, on terra firma – ie. Paris - they have created a striking showpiece of their talents” Objekt International

the concept

Paris, the city of light, the air is filled with history, fashion and romance. Arriving in this apartment, located in a traditional Parisian building in the most famous fashion street of Paris, is a warm and elegant welcome into an oasis of calm. The goal of the interior design is to create the awareness: “I am in Paris!”

The shell respects history and keeps the original features of the apartment. We worked with some of the most skilled Parisian craftsmanship in: the plaster, stone and wood to give the project the quality to a standard, which is rarely found today. This is visible in the careful restored mouldings on walls, ceilings, doors and handles.

The modern twist is in the choice of furniture, art and a little something more. The guest cloakroom has been transformed into pods - functional sculptures in International Klein Blue - IKB, Gold and Monochrome Red to give a smile to everyone.

Attention to detail is key – the project team realized high quality craftsmanship in the plaster, stone and wood. This gives the project quality to a standard which is rarely found. The richness of the design is provided by the selective use of materials. The colour palette of the individual rooms is a combination of white, warm grey and wengé with a highlighting each room reflecting the colours of the pods and the modern art.

The historic link to Paris remains ever present.